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Organizations of all kinds (private companies, public and para-public bodies, associations, etc.) can benefit from the services of skilled students looking to gain valuable professional experience.

Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Co-ordinator
Catherine Eggers-Denis
514 343-5998

Why hire a student?

There are all kinds of advantages to hiring interns from the UdeM School of Industrial Relations:

  • Interns are excellent skilled workers who can help you carry out short-term projects or meet temporary needs.
  • It will help you keep your recruitment costs down. By testing their skills and seeing how they fit into your organization, you can evaluate them as possible candidates for longer-term positions later on.
  • Integrating interns into your team helps you build valuable relationships with the Université de Montréal and related organizations, which are up to date on the latest issues and new practices in the world of work.
  • They are eligible for training attestation programs and income tax credits.

For more information on possible partnerships, see the page on internships (in French) and contact the internship co-ordination staff.